Tim Mensch

2 minute read

Hamster: Attack! is now published by Backflip Studios on Android, the developer of the top games Paper Toss, Ninjump, and many others on iOS.

And with the new release, there are no more coins required to play any of the first 90 levels, including six that are completely new!

There are a few additional features, as well, including the crazy “Chinchilla Stampede” that you can use to skip a level if it’s just too hard – it’s available for a small in-app payment (about $1 US; varies by currency/country). Once you’ve bought it, the Chinchillas stay loyal and will let you skip as many levels as you like, though not more often than once per hour.

One more new feature is the ability to buy additional ammo. You never need to buy any; every puzzle is designed so that it can be solved by using the ammo you’re given. But if you always wanted to throw a bomb in a level where you only get rocks, now’s your chance! It can also help you get past levels that are constrained by number of projectiles. But you won’t earn a medal ever if you use an extra projectile; medals are for people who solve the puzzle. :)

In addition to bringing more users to the Android release, Backflip is going to help make the iOS debut an event to remember! The iOS version is just about ready to be submitted to Apple as I write this. Stay tuned!

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