One Download to Rule Them All

Your friends can play with you without installing their own copy of the game.

Darrell Hardy

2 minute read

One of the biggest problems with playing multiplayer digital games with your friends is that everyone else typically has to own their own copies of the game in order to play. So not only do you have to purchase and download the game yourself, you have to convince your friends to do so too. It’s hard enough to get a group of players together for a board game; if you have to talk them into downloading another app just to play it, the whole thing starts to seem like work.

But with Steel Dragons, there’s only one thing to download—the game itself—and you only need one copy of it for any number of players to play. With our screen-linking technology, you need merely to download the game onto the device that will serve as the game board and central processor. So with just one download (and no passing the device around!) how do we get multiple players going at once? Check it out:

When you start a new game, the system gives you a short URL. The players plug this URL into their Internet-connected smartphones or tablets (or laptops, if you want), and their own personal game screen appears on their devices. Once their screens are linked, game play can transition smoothly from the player to the board, or from one player to another.

And there you have it: one download, many devices. You don’t have to convince your friends to download anything; all they have to do to play is show up and tap a few characters into their browsers.

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