Ogre art for *Steel Dragons*
Ogre art for Steel Dragons

Complex Board Games: Only the Fun Parts

Based near Boulder, CO, QuickCharge Games is building a new kind of board game that plays like a cardboard board game, but does things that aren’t possible (or at least not very easy) in cardboard. Designed to be played in person like traditional board games, but using a computer or tablet as the board and your smartphone as a zero-download controller, Steel Dragons lets you take simultaneous turns, secretly turn traitor, and more. And the computer does all the drudge work: It can teach you how to play as you go, and it’s fast enough to do all the upkeep involved in a complex board game so you can focus on the fun parts!

Feudal Japan Steampunk

Not content with traditional RPG tropes, we built our own. The culture feels straight from feudal Japan, but it’s peopled by the diverse survivors of a technological apocalypse. They have access to ultra-advanced technology they can barely distinguish from magic, and they use it alongside the steam-based machines they understand.

Who We Are

Tim Mensch

I founded QuickCharge Games after years of working in the video game industry. But I love board games even more than video games, so I’ve put together a small team to create a digital cooperative/competitive board game with secret traitors and a novel user experience.

I’m working with Darrell Hardy to help fashion the story background and make sure the board game is actually fun by the time we’re done with it. Darrell co-designed the Fantasy Flight board game Runebound and other board games and video games.

I’ve spent many too many years working on games for the mass market — either because I was an employee, or because I mistakenly pursued mainstream popularity instead of creating the game that my friends and I, long-time fans of modern board games, want to play. It’s time for me to create that game.

Darrell Hardy

I’ve been professionally creating worlds, designing games, and writing fiction for more than two decades. I’ve worked on tabletop roleplaying, trading-card, and board games as well as online strategy games, both as a freelancer and as a staff developer. You can follow me on Twitter at @HardyTales or check out my website at www.darrellhardy.com.

How to Sign Up For The Beta

If Steel Dragons sounds like a game you want to play, then please sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know when an early version is available to test.

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