Tim Mensch

1 minute read

The first few weeks after Hamster was released on Android, we saw great growth, and it looked like we had a hit on our hands. Almost every day we got more users than the previous day, and when we released updated builds, we saw huge spikes in users.

And so it went until the middle of July, when the bottom fell out from under us.

Apparently Google has been tweaking the way the market works, and something happened to the ranking that caused it to drop like a rock. It was climbing the rankings until it hit around 180, but then dropped right off the charts in a matter of days. Two weeks passed with barely any downloads and I got a suggestion to add Google-Translated descriptions to the app in the Market.

A week passes, and boom! Now we’re seeing some of the largest download days we’ve seen so far! So welcome, new users, to the world of Hammy the Hamster!

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