Tim Mensch

1 minute read

A lot of people ask about how to beat level 1:15 (level 15 in the lab episode). In retrospect we probably should have put that level a bit later, since it’s harder to “get” than the levels around it, though once you know the trick, it’s actually not so hard.

Hint 1:

First, you need to know that explosions can push things on the other side of walls. If you throw the bomb toward the blue ball in the box, it pushes the ball, which pushes the button in the box.

Hint 2: (Hover or tap to reveal)

Once you understand that the "push" of the bomb goes through walls, you might want to consider putting something in a place that you can later push it so that it pushes the button

Hint 3: (Hover or tap to reveal)

Fire a rock up so it falls into the "V" under the button on top. Shoot a flask so it hits just under the rock.
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