Tim Mensch

1 minute read

Sometimes people ask about how to beat level 2:17 (level 17 in the pet shop episode). For most people, the trick is the timing – those domino-like slabs just keep falling! – but there’s an easier way.

Hint 1:

If you’re really fast, you can bounce a ball to wake the cat on the left, use an exploding flask to blow up the glass on top of the domino-slabs, and then get a rocket to the sleeping cat on the right. But if that’s too much…

Hint 2: (Hover or tap to reveal)

It's possible to break the pile of glass by aiming an exploding flask at the very top of the pile; this should not trigger the domino effect. A rock will then wake the cat on the right.

Hint 3: (Hover or tap to reveal)

The buttons on the very bottom can be pushed with a carefully-placed rocket. You get another rocket from pushing one of the other buttons first. The button in the "V" shape at top center can be pushed with a bouncy ball.
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