Tim Mensch

1 minute read

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Backflip to port their hot iPhone game, NinJump, over to Android. And now it’s done! Download it now! It’s free!

You can get it on Android using the following QR code…


Or just click the QR code if you’re reading this on Android and it will take you right into the market.

The first version of NinJump was up and running after only three weeks of effort, because I started it on a cross-platform game library I’ve been developing; writing cross platform libraries seems to be a habit of mine.

After a game or two more ships on the library, I’m considering releasing it to the public in some form. At present it’s not really ready for prime time, though I might end up partnering with a few people to help me shape it. We’ll see what happens.

If someone (with the proper credentials) wants to volunteer to write the iOS back end, drop me a note, and we’ll talk. At present I’m keeping myself busy writing a game instead. First things first, after all.

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