Tim Mensch

1 minute read

Welcome to the new QuickCharge Games site! Changes here are more than skin deep. We’ve simplified the layout, but more importantly, now you will be able to read it more easily on a cell phone. It’s also much faster than it was before, so you’ll be able to get your QuickCharge news much more…quickly.

With this update we’re finally hosted on our quickchargegames.com domain. Yes, it took us long enough. Instead of doing web work we’ve been working on games.

With the new format it will be easier for me to add articles to the site, so I’m hoping to keep everyone updated more often.

While we’re still using Disqus for comments, the comments people left on the old site didn’t travel to the new site correctly, or at least not yet; sorry about that. Disqus says they’re behind on migrating comments, so they may all just work tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

If there are any other features that the new site is missing, feel free to !

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