Tim Mensch

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Hi, I’m Tim Mensch, a long time game industry veteran, and I started Recharge Games [edit: now QuickCharge Games!] in May, 2010 to develop mobile games. I’m assembling a virtual team of other experienced game developers, including artists, programmers, so if you’re interested in participating, please .

There isn’t a lot of news I can share with the world quite yet, and as of this writing the Recharge web site hasn’t gotten past the “free Drupal theme” stage. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and unfortunately it’s not all about writing games; setting up a business takes time. Like the time spent meeting with a graphic designer to improve the look of this site, for example.

You can follow this site for news and information about upcoming game releases from Recharge for your Android or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices. I’ll try to post updates as soon as I have something to share, but don’t be surprised if I stay silent for a while–I don’t exactly want to advertise what my first Really Cool Game will be until it’s a bit closer to release.

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