Tim Mensch

1 minute read

It's time to start showing off Hamster: Attack! I've made a couple of really short game play videos; you can see them after the break. They're early levels (simple, no sounds yet), so they'll get a lot more punch by the time we're finished with them.

Development has been moving along quickly; most of the features we plan to include in the first release are now in the game. We have a couple of more characters to add for our heroic hamster to rescue, and some other minor things like making all the buttons work (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but we're getting really close.

Here's a quick video of a couple of early levels of Hamster:

And here is a quick demo of two of the newest projectile types:

The firework will probably get a bit more "sparkle" before the game ships, but you get a hint of what to expect in the video above.

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