Tim Mensch

1 minute read

Finishing up the Lab Rats episode is a tricky level where you have to do several things to free a couple of hamster friends. Hint 1:

First thing to do is to knock down the tall bars so that they cover up the area with the green balls. You wouldn’t want something to fall down there before you scare the cat. It’s hard to wake up the cat with those blocks in the way, though…

Hint 2: (Hover or tap to reveal)

Knock the three metal blocks in the middle of the level down so that you can get a clear shot at the cat. A rock on the cat’s bar of glass should do the trick at that point. But then how do we release the hamsters?

Hint 3: (Hover or tap to reveal)

The pile balanced on the wood is pretty fragile. If you can get it to fall into the area with the green balls, it will (often) get the balls to press the buttons. It doesn't always work, though, so you might need to knock additional things into the pit with the balls, or you might need to go through the process again.
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