IGDA Colorado 2017 Election

Announcing the IGDA Colorado 2017 State Board Election!

Announcing the IGDA Colorado State Board Election!

After a few too many years of not running elections, we’re finally back on track! We have a fresh set of enthusiastic candidates who would love your support. They have some great new ideas to help rejuvenate and remake our IGDA Colorado chapter.

Please consider voting, even if you don’t know the candidates. If you can’t decide, you can vote for all of them (or none); the voting is set up so you can vote for as few or as many as you like. You have until January 30th to vote, but do it now before you forget!

The top three candidates by vote will become the new board. If there’s a tie, the IGDA HQ will decide how to resolve it. But if the vote is that close, then that means we love all the candidates, which is awesome all on its own. :)

SO, the candidates are:

  • Kit Burgess
  • Robby Dran
  • Renee Nejo
  • Benjamin Sloboda
  • Zhenghua Yang (Z)

More information, including a video introduction from most of the candidates, can be found here.

To vote you need to be a current (non-student) member of the IGDA. Vote here;

If you have any issues logging into your IGDA account or have questions regarding your IGDA membership, please contact membership@igda.org.


The IGDA Colorado 2017 Election Committee

Chris Abbey, Tim Mensch, and Red Vonix